Friday, November 5, 2010

Jacki-O On Tough Love

Here are some Q & A's  from people(fans) to Jacki

Hey Jacky me and my n*gga been together for 2 years and everything is cool or whatever we have our once a month fights like every couple. Well let me get to it, lately I noticed he hasn’t wanted me to get close to his d*ck, I usually hold it while we sleep and even give him head from time to time for being a good boy but lately he won’t let me touch it. I thought it was so weird until I seen this big sore on the side of his d*ck last night what should I do.  Miss Derisha aka Lil Texas
Dear Lil Texas,
Girrrrl first of all, sores and d*cks don’t go together! And if you are old enough to be sexing then you should be old enough to know that! A sore on a d*ck can mean only two things lil mama. Either this sorey d*ck nigga been swapping dna with an std infected person (that may have herpes) and I say “person” because nowadays most niggas hitting girls and boys, or he skinned his pecker up going in a dry hole! But that’s not even the worst of it, he could have passed that sore to your genital area or your mouth, go get it checked out and call it quits lil mama. He aint worth it! You can find a bumpy d*ck nigga anywhere!
Hey Jacki O I got a homeboy who caught seven years for 3 sell and deliveries and he’s only done 8 months and he’s talking bout they finna give him parole or probation or some dumb sh*t. This is or was my best friend but the n*ggas in my HooD aint dumb and they don’t play that snitching sh*t and when he come home its going to be a problem. I know you a real street bitch from Miami and the HooD you grew up in aint to far from my HooD about 3 or 4 miles. Man is there anything I can do to help my homie?    MIA GOON LIFE
Whutz hatnin M.I.A. Goonlife?
Well this is a situation that happens much too often in the HooD. The only real way to know if a n*gga really snitching is by going to court during his trial/case or by seeing his depositions which now is public records, meaning anybody can go to the clerk of courts and request a copy. 8 months on a 7 year sentence?? DAMN! But wait… naaah DAMN! That aint even a 3rd of his time! So most likely he copped a deal with the state to allow him the opportunity to bring in n*ggas to take his place in prison. (which is nowadays called “WORKING”)! And if its one thing real d-boy n*ggas don’t like is a snitching ass n*gga! So its really nothing you can do for your “lil snitch” oops!.. I mean “friend” except stay the f*ck from around his ass! That n*gga was better off doing his bid!
Hey girl “I’m a hoe and I can’t help it” like trick daddy said. Imma be honest bitch I love d*ck and p*ssy. I love my nigga but it’s too much d*ck out there for me to be tied down. The only thing is he’s a real good stepdad to my kids and it aint normal for a n*gga to take care of another n*ggas kids. N*ggas usually don’t even take care of their own kids. Hes a really good n*gga but right now aint the time. What should I say to him? Brianna – Daytona Fl
Damn Brianna,
What can I say? If you wuz here next to me, what could I do but smack the sh*t outta you for not realizing a good thang when you got it! Its women like you that don’t deserve a good n*gga! You pray for a good one then when GOD send you a good n*gga that’s not only good to you, but also good to the last n*gga kids (that he left yo ass with) you take that for granted! But you rather be a hoe than have a stable family environment for your kids. Aint no dick on earth should come before your kids! Girl wake up mama before you screw your kids life up by seeing you with men and women! You better try and keep that good n*gga chile aint too many left!
Hey Jacki O I’m glad HooD Mag hired you cause u so real. I’m a female rapper I’m only 19 but I already been rapping for three years. I keep doing sh*t for n*ggas that promise they going to help me get famous. Some n*ggas want to f*ck others want me to do other dumb sh*t but they never do what they promise. Is it really that real that you have to f*ck your way to the top please let a bitch know.  Chi Town Tammy
Dear Tammy,
Glad to hear from you ma! First let me start off by saying welcome to the game sis! Second let’s address the “f*cking” your way in. I personally never f*cked my way in, any articles that may have been release and allegedly “quoted by me” saying I did are not true. My situation was one that a few females have gone thru, in hip-hop and rnb. Some don’t speak on it, and that’s kool, I do. My goal is to be informative and to reach back and show the next chick what not to do in this game. Yes you will meet guys that will work with you and wanna be your man, but as a woman you need to figure out their true intentions. He may be sincere and he may just wanna trick you into lowering your guards so he can rob your ass blind ma! N*ggas are easy to figure out when you using your head NOT your heart! You will have to work with men since they dominate this game but TRUST no one! Its a dirty game and the sad part of it all is, its all legal! Stay up ma, 1!
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