Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Round 1

First of all we have no clue why hustle dissin' keys in the first place, and then hustle says, "dissin' nicki, i started the trend". crazy right?!

Round 2

Keys repsonds "your bars suck, you suck". Now that we have caught up to the reason why there beefin', and we are here to tell you that it's all over a callabo seem like Ms. Hustle wanted to work with Keys and she juss wasn't ready yet, so shots are fired as you seen in round one. LMAO @ KEYS TO HUSTLE: "YOUR FACE IS ON ITS EXTRA LONG SWAGG"

Round 3

Ms Hustle says " you fake, you wack, your mixtape was garbage, and now im going to destroy you bitch". wow who side are you on SMH they would make a good collabo we can't wait for round 4 and i hope they get it in on a freestyle battle.

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